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There are charms and charms, but no charm as to your charms that enchant me. You are a poetry and in each/every verse I rhyme your beauty, as natural as unique as the most beautiful sculptures carved by the hand of nature. Nothing is more beautiful than to say the emotions that overflow from the source of my heart that, like a volcano, explodes leaving the lava of an incandesent love flowing toward the infinite of your wonderful eyes. I will be an eternal admirer and I will leave my soul free to fly with open arms and to land on your lap, whose sinuous curves put me in the condition of an extremely happy being!

Torn Love Letters

  • Number of Pages: 135

    Edition Number: 1

    Year of Publication: 2019

    ISBN: 978-85-69579-29-8

    English language

  • Miguel Rodrigues de Oliveira Filho was born in 1963, in the city of Paulista/PE. He writes since he was a child when he created an imaginary friend. His first contact with poetry was through his teacher, named Vavá, who read in the classroom the poem "Song of Exile" by Gonçalves Dias. He published his first book in 2012, "Speaking of love and passion." In 2013 published "Reflection of your eyes" and in 2016 the third book, "Poems under the light of the Sunset".


 Editora e Livraria

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